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Move More Team/Individual Challenge

 Let's start moving more together in 2023!   This 6-week challenge runs Jan. 23  -  Mar. 6 Registration is now closed

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Move More Challenge Video Overview Opens in new windowPlay this overview video to learn more! Complete program details are listed below:

Move More Challenge: Department Teams or Individuals will compete to accumulate the most minutes in 6 weeks.

Challenge Rules:

1.    Assemble team.  Select a team captain.  Choose a team name.

2.    Determine team category.  There are 5 categories based on team size– each category will have 1 winner: 

  • Individual Team:  1 employee
  • Extra Small Team:  2-25 employees
  • Small Team: 26-50 employees
  • Medium Team:  51-100 employees
  • Large Team:  101 + employees

3.    Team captain registers team by end of day on Tuesday, Jan. 24. Only one registration requested for each team.  Please do not register individually unless you are competing only in the Individual Team category.  Registrations are now closed.

4.    Participants track their minutes of intentional movement throughout the month using one of the logs linked below.

5.    Team captain collects and turns in team participant’s completed logs by Mar. 10. Email completed logs to or interoffice them to Heather Johnson: 800 East City Hall Avenue, 3rd floor, Norfolk, VA 23510. 

Once all logs are submitted, each participating team's total minutes will be calculated, and an average will be determined based on the number of participants in each group. The winners will be announced March 27!  

Log completion FAQs:

Question:  What counts as movement? Answer: Intentional exercise that causes an increase in breathing or heart rate, examples include: Cardio (Cardiovascular): Any indoor/outdoor physical activity that increases breathing/heart rate (ex. walking, running, biking, swimming); Strength/Resistance: Any physical activity that utilizes weights or resistance to increase muscular strength (ex. weight lifting, circuit training, boxing); Mind/Body: any physical activity with an inward-directed focus (ex. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi); Sports/Fitness: any competitive physical activity or fitness class (ex. recreational league sports, spin class, gymnastics).

Question:  Can I track my minutes multiple times a day? Answer: Participants can enter their intentional exercise minutes as many times as desired each day throughout the challenge.  When entering minutes, indicate the category of movement (listed above) and duration. For example:  45 minutes cardio and 30 minutes of yoga = 75

Question:  Is there a daily limit on the number of minutes you can accumulate? Answer:  No, there is no limit! The goal is to safely move as much as you can!

Move More Calendar Electronic Fillable Image Link

Move More Calendar - Electronic Fillable Form (this form requires saving prior to filling out)

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Move More Calendar - Print and Fill Form

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things people can do to improve their health.  

Move more and sitting less have tremendous benefits for everyone.

How much should you aim to move every day? Well, its not a one size fits all answer.  There is now guidance to fit the needs of individuals from age 3 years and older to reduce sitting, increase movement, and improve overall health.  See below for information on how much we should move every day from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.    Click here for Physical Activity Recommendations for Different Age Groups.

Do you need to move more? Are you suffering from hip and lower back pain?

It may be because we now spend most of our day sitting down.  Find out how much you’re sitting throughout the day and your risk threshold by trying the Sitting-Time Calculator.  Click here to access the Sitting-Time Calculator.

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