Move More Initiative

Move More Challenge: Department Teams or Individuals competed to accumulate the most minutes in 6 weeks.       

NHC Challenge Badge

Move More Challenge Stats:  

  • A total of 535 employees participated!
  • A total of 81 teams competed!
    • 38 Individual Teams
    • 39 Extra Small Teams
    • 3 Small Teams
  • A combined total of 618,899 minutes!

Challenge Team Winners:

Individual Team:  Just Kat

  • Kat Lopez

Extra Small Team:  Team Finance

  • Jennifer Williams, Team Captain
  • Branden Matthews
  • Cathie Chancellor
  • Christine Garczynski
  • Dorothy Pope
  • Elizabeth Goldsmith
  • Katerina Andujar
  • Krista Bickel
  • Krystyna Owen
  • Marlon Julal
  • Michael Bevis
  • Shenette Felton
  • Sheri Eland
  • Yaimelee Ponce

Small Team:  Calcott Eagles

  • Beth Garrison - Team Captain
  • Alison Poffenbarger
  • Amy Griffin
  • Ashley Koonce
  • Carrie Solano
  • Danielle McIntyre
  • Helen Watson
  • Hope Parham
  • Jaclyn Cordero
  • Jadah Jones
  • Jennifer Vohar
  • Joy Clark
  • Karen Irwin
  • Karen Lucka-Beristain
  • Karen Obermeier
  • Kendal Walsh
  • Kim Brown
  • Lachelle Ward
  • Leighan Worden
  • Mark Mitchell
  • Mary Thompson
  • Mindy Hughes
  • Pamela Gadson
  • Paula Heider
  • Romanda Hannigan
  • Samantha Ramirez
  • Tammy Bush
  • Tanya Griffin
  • Tara Taffe
  • Tatiyana Cox
  • Terrashea Cox
  • Xenia Clare

   The first 6-week challenge has ended , but that doesn't mean that you have to stop.  Let's continue moving more together in 2023! 

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Play this video for ideas to help you move more!  

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things people can do to improve their health.  

Moving more and sitting less have tremendous benefits for everyone.

How much should you aim to move every day? It's not a one size fits all answer.  There is now guidance to fit the needs of individuals from age 3 years and older to reduce sitting, increase movement, and improve overall health.  See below for information on how much we should move every day from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Click here for Physical Activity Recommendations for Different Age Groups.

Do you need to move more? Are you suffering from hip and lower back pain?

Many of us spend most of our day sitting down. Find out how much you’re sitting throughout the day and what your risk threshold is by trying the Sitting-Time Calculator.  Click here to access the Sitting-Time Calculator.

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